More than satisfied with Satis G

Published January 28, 2022, 3:44 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Check out Japan’s first advanced toilet

INAX is a Japanese bathroom, toilet and accessories brand renowned for masterful innovation, and pioneering hygiene technologies. It began its journey of sanitary-ware production in 1945, and is credited with introducing Japan’s first advanced toilet, and self-powered automatic faucet.

INAX’s new ‘hero product’ is their Satis G Integrated Spalet—a high quality toilet, which combines clean water and proper hygiene as a strong defense against viruses. It’s sleek and luxurious black matte finish is the first thing that will capture your eye (there’s a white variation), and make you fall in love with this toilet. Beyond its look, it’s packed with INAX-patented technologies that make it one of the most advanced cleaning systems in the market today.

Aqua Ceramic technology affords the toilet bowls a smooth, stain-repellant surface, preventing spots getting left behind, or hard water build-up; so the bowl retains that fresh, gleaming, shiny surface after years of use.

The foam cushion technology reduces urine splash by creating a 5 to 15 millimeter thick fine foam in the toilet bowl. There’s also a powerful air-shield deodorizer that helps shield the odor from getting out of the bowl. A patented process, Plasmacluster, sanitizes and removes odors from the bowl and it’s attachments.

As a Spalet, the Satis G has integrated front and rear wash nozzles, making it a shower toilet. The seat lid opens and closes automatically, there’s auto flushing, a night light, heated seat, and adjustable seat temperature.

Basically, it’s another example of Japanese masterpiece technology—blending the brand’s design principles, with ultimate comfort and an exacting standard of hygiene. With Satis G, you’ll definitely be more than satisfied with its presence in your home.

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