Ferolino says there's still enough time for her office to craft impartial resolution on BBM case

Commissioner Aimee Ferolino of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) First Division said there is still reasonable time for her office to craft an impartial resolution in relation to the petitions for disqualification filed against presidential aspirant Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.


"My office is well within the timelines, and well within the bounds of the rules. The period of 15 days given to the Ponencia to draft a resolution is applicable only to a single case, the same period cannot be applied to consolidated cases like the Marcos case, hence there is still reasonable time for my office to craft an impartial resolution of a complex and highly rated case," she said in a letter addressed to Comelec Chairman Sheriff Abas.

Ferolino also said that there was no internal agreement between and among the First Division Commissioners that the promulgation of the resolution on the Marcos case is set on Jan. 17 2022.

She said it was Guanzon, the Presiding Commissioner, who set that date and imposed the same upon her and Commissioner Marlon Casquejo.

Ferolino also accused Guanzon of trying to influence her decision on the case.

"In all honesty Chair, it was not only the date of the promulgation that she imposed upon me. She also consistently took liberties in telling me to adopt her opinion. It is quite appalling that Commissioner Guanzon was able to draft an opinion when the Ponencia has not yet submitted the resolution and all the case records are in my possession. She even issued a Memorandum incorporating her separate opinion on resolution that is yet to be released. The Presiding Commissioner of the First Division is putting the cart before the horse to justify her demands," she said.

"In doing so, one thing is clear to me, she is trying to influence my decision and trying hard to persuade me to her direction. But I am not like her, not even close. I did not read her separate opinion as I do not want my judgment to be influenced by her opinion nor other people's opinion," added Ferolino.

The poll official stressed that the Commission decides cases on the merits and not for publicity or to accommodate and please anybody or somebody.

"This case should be treated as any other cases before the Commission where the resolutions are carefully studied, reviewed, and thought of," said Ferolino.

"Rest assured, that in crafting the resolution, my Office is doing its best so that the Commission will not be placed in a bad light and will be given the respect it deserves," she added.

On Thursday, Guanzon revealed that she voted to disqualify Marcos Jr. and was just awaiting the decision to be penned by Ferolino whom she said is the assigned ponente or Commissioner to write the decision.

The poll official believes that it is because of her vote in the case that the delays are happening.