Digital technology rising to the occasion amid the pandemic

Published January 28, 2022, 11:46 AM

by MB Technews

The Omicron surge has given us some kind of fear that the much-awaited polls in May could possibly be halted. We can only imagine the consequences of delaying a scheduled event of such magnitude. But thank God the level of advancement the world now has, which our country arguably manages to grip on to, will have none of that threat.

A 21st century global crisis, while destabilizing, still has a unique silver lining past pandemics didn’t have. The current times boast the kind of technology able to embrace a new normal way of living through life without compromising the collective thrill and projected result of what should be allowed to happen.

Milo Sandig, Chief Executive Officer of Digitalinnov Marketing, knows the significance of first-rate technology when it comes to making truly workable solutions in this time of global catastrophe.

Milo Sandig, chief executive officer of Digitalinnov Marketing, knows how important digital technology is in staging the coming national elections under new normal circumstances.

He explained, “As new variants emerge, we could expect lesser face-to-face interactions and more people resorting to digital alternatives to get their entertainment and messages across.”

As the elections draw near, it is vital to stress the fact that our modern world looks actually ready to face the challenge of holding a national election amid the ongoing pandemic. Digital technology has been playing a central role in providing possibilities and breakthroughs for this activity to push through.

“Digital Technology is at an all-time high as more and more screen times are recorded for each Filipino,” he said when asked about his thoughts on this year’s national elections.

This year’s democratic exercise owes much to social media more than ever. Whether building a politician’s image in an attempt to revise written history or establish another’s identity by way of color, the game changing platform can actually make or break a society.

Sandig is convinced that dealing with a world gone digital is knowing its potential for better or worse.

“Social media works in two ways however,” he argued. “With how I observed things these past few years, digital technology has bred more people to be victims of misleading information. But we also cannot discredit the fact that there are people who became informed due to the emergence of getting readily available information right at their fingertips.”

The glaring truth is that individuals who can’t grasp the fast-changing technology or adapt to its nature are actually widening the generational gap.

Sandig noted, “Younger generations nowadays rarely open traditional media unlike its predecessors. They source their information from social media and engage their opinions from forums and groups where they belong. If next in line leaders don’t prioritize the main medium where people can be communicated to, then there will be a strong disconnection from getting their message across.”

What’s nice about digital technology, it only wants to make the world a better place regardless what generation you belong to.