Blacklist International sweeps NXPE to reach Sibol upper bracket finals

Blacklist International rolled past Nexplay Evos with a 3-0 sweep in their best-of-five match to reach the upper bracket finals of the 2022 Sibol National Team Selection on Friday, Jan. 28.

Photo from Blacklist International

The M3 World Champion showed no mercy against Nexplay which lost the opening game by default due to technical difficulties.

NXPE head coach John “Zico_” Dizon later revealed in a tweet that John Paul “H2wo” Salonga had to be pulled out of the lineup and rushed to the hospital before the start of the first game which resulted to the 30-min delay.

Following discussion with Sibol organizers, NXPE agreed to the arrangement as the match went on in Game 2 with Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase taking H2wo’s place in NXPE’s main five.

NXPE however failed to make quick adjustments as Blacklist dealt the MPL S8 fourth placers a thorough beatdown, 16-4, in Game 2. Wise led the romp with a surprise jungle Paquito pick and unloaded a convincing 4-0-5 KDA.

Dominic also provided support on his offlane Phoveus with a 6-2-1 showing while neutralizing Donut’s Wanwan and Renejay’s Chou picks.

Screenshot from Sibol livestream

H2Wo managed to return in the third game but still wasn’t enough for NXP to avoid the sweep loss from the two-time MPL Philippines champions.

Lee Howard “Owl” Gonzales wreaked havoc in the series clinching Game 3 with an explosive 5-2-6 performance on the Brody. Salic “Hadji” Imam also shone on his perfect initiations on the roaming Edith pick to finish with a 1-1-10 score line.

Wise, on the other hand, continued his spotless performance with 4-0-1 KDA on his Aldous as Blacklist took a 15-4 triumph in Game 3.

Screenshot from Sibol livestream

Blacklist now awaits the winner of the Onic Philippine and RSG Philippines match in the other bracket while Nexplay gets dropped to the lower bracket and will face either Omega Esports or Origen.