2 trial court judges promoted as CA justices

Court of Appeals

Two trial court judges have been appointed Court of Appeals (CA) associate justices, the Supreme Court (SC) announced today, Jan. 28.

Appointed by President Duterte as CA justices were regional trial court (RTC) Judges Maximo Mercado De Leon and Jacinto Gavino Fajardo Jr.

Their appointment papers were received by Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo on Jan. 28.

Justice De Leon took over the post vacated in the CA by then Associate Justice Jane Aurora C. Lantion. Justice Fajardo, on the other hand, assumed the post vacated by Associate Justice Rodil V. Zalameda who was promoted to the SC in 2019.

It was not known immediately if they have taken their oaths of office and assumed their new posts.

Four CA associate justices have so far been appointed by the President this month of January.

Earlier appointed were CA Associate Justices Jennifer Joy Chua Ong and Michael P. Ong.

Justice Chua Ong used to be an undersecretary in the Office of the Appointments Secretary of the Office of the President while Justice Ong was the senior deputy executive secretary. Both have taken their oaths of office before Chief Justice Gesmundo.