VIRAL: Woman breastfeeds in PUJ, gets bashed by commuters

Who are you rooting for?

One would think that breastfeeding in public is commonly accepted, but a video circulating recently proved that some are still not used to witnessing a mother breastfeed while out and about.

Going viral is a video repost of Facebook page 9.Lifes where they shared a video of a woman breastfeeding her baby while taking the public utility jeepney (PUJ) with the caption, "Pasuso in public transport. Tama o mali (Breastfeeding in public transport. Right or wrong)?"

Is it okay to breastfeed in public?

The 48-seconder video showed a breastfeeding-mom-in-action being ganged up by two individuals—a woman and a lesbian. Both taking turns telling her that breastfeeding and her having her breasts seen in public is not a good idea. The mom told them both off, saying that her baby is hungry so she has to feed.

Both kept insisting that she should stop, but the mom was quick to give them a solution if they're grossed out with what she's doing, "Then look away!"

Netizens were quick to chime in, some saying that it's only obscene when you think it is, while others thought that this was staged. Even if it's staged, over 300 comments were left in the post, mostly supporting the mom and that breastfeeding in public should be normalized.

In the video, everyone was wearing a mask, so it shows that this happened recently or no less than two years ago.