Omega starts MWI on wrong foot as IDNS completes comeback

Published January 27, 2022, 1:33 PM

by Reynald I. Magallon

Omega Empress just couldn’t sustain its hot start as the Filipinas fell to IDNS Princess, 1-0, in the opening game of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women Invitational, on Thursday, Jan. 27.

Screenshot from One Esports stream

IDNS survived four Lord marches before a crucial Ramella Lord steal at the 35-minute mark completed the 11-20 comeback win. The ladies from Laos banked on its late game composition anchored on Sakura’s Claude and Silver’s Cecilion picks as they did enough to survive a blistering start from the Filipinas and stall the match to the late game.

Omega, with its Mathilda-Estes midlane duo, dictated the early to mid-game as it asserted its map control evident on the four turtles secured by the Filipinas. Omega was also quick to take down turrets behind the efforts of Kaye “Keishi” Alpuerto on the Ling and Sheen “Shinoaa” Perez on the Popol and Kupa.

The Filipinas however just couldn’t get the final push to take down the enemy base as the Cecilion and Claude did the heavy lifting in defending the IDNS base.

A crucial lord dance at the 35-minute mark proved to be the deciding factor as Ramella executed a beautiful Thorn Rose-retribution combo to complete the steal. IDNS then went on for the death push in the next sequences ending the grueling 38-minute match.

Silve was hailed MVP of the game with a 3-1-5 performance on the Cecilion while Sakura contributed a 4-3-3 KDA on the Claude. Shinoa had a rousing MWI debut with an impressive 6-2-10 showing on the Popol and Kupa but was just not enough for Omega to book its first win in the tournament.