Mercedes-Benz enters NFT market with NF-G collection

Metaplanet by Art2People Collective

Mercedes-Benz officially enters the digital art space with their latest collection, appropriately called, the NF-G Challenge.

The luxury car brand has teamed up with digital art collective, Art2People, to challenge five international artists from the NFT (non-fungible token) space to interpret its iconic G-Class SUV, using different digital mediums to create unique digital art pieces.

The artists included in the project are Roger Kilimanjaro, Antoni Tudisco, Klarens, Charlotte Taylor, Anthony Authie, and Baugasm, each taking on a completely different approach whilst maintaining the DNA of the signature car.

The result is a selection of moving images (or very short films) depicting the G-Class SUV in unique colors and even more out-of-this-world environments.

These NFTs are being sold on digital marketplace, Nifty Gateway. Multiple copies (75 to as many as 300) of the pieces are up for sale in various price categories, ranging from US$250 all the way up to US$4,000.

There is also an added incentive to purchase one; once the collection accumulates US$1 million collective sales, there will be a physical G-Class raffle available for all NFT holders. Another raffle will be held when it reaches US$2 million. Perhaps best of all, each NFT can be bought with either cryptocurrency of fiat currency using credit card.

Mercedes-Benz’s entry into the NFT marketplace shows growing corporate interest in the emerging digital art market and cryptocurrency.