Kris Aquino assures mom Cory: ‘Your children are 100% united’

Published January 27, 2022, 2:23 PM

by Neil Ramos

“Other things may change us but we start and end with family.”

This is what’s written on the art card that Kris Aquino shared with fans via social media on Jan. 25, what should’ve been her mother, former president Cory Aquino’s 89th birthday.

She explained, “This art card was sent to me by my Ate… like other families nagkakatampuhan, nagkaka-misunderstandings, and minsan nag aaway pa rin kaming 4. But because of what I’m now going through my 3 older sisters know their baby sister needs them now more than ever. It’s not only my Ate I feel loves & understands me completely- my sister Pinky & her husband Manolo recognized, acknowledged, and fully appreciated the innate generosity in me, they’ve been so supportive of all my healthcare decisions… my sister Viel is my polar opposite, she’s shy & somewhat “allergic” to the spotlight BUT she’s now doing her best to put herself in my shoes to understand the stress & pressure I endure because of my last name & the career path I chose.”

She also greeted Cory, writing, “Happy Birthday mom, your children are 100% united- exactly what you had always prayed for.”

In the same post, Kris also updated fans on her condition relating she had a “bad urticaria flare” the same day.

As with her sons Josh and Bimby, she wrote: “Kuya Josh went back to Alto to be w/ the family of my cousin, Marla…”

Josh, she said, just finished his 14 day quarantine.

“For the rest of us, tomorrow is our last PCR. Yes, matindi ang nerbyos ko. Kung may mag positive sa grupo namin, Day 1 ulit kami.”

Kris is thankful that she and Bimby have been COVID-free despite direct exposure to infected individuals.

She noted, “Our guardian angels protected us considering I’m immunocompromised & Bimb is asthmatic .”