Bren Victress destroys On Air Pipol for rousing MWI start

Bren Victress destroyed On Air Pipol, 1-0, for a scintillating start to its MLBB Women’s Invitational campaign on Thursday, Jan. 27.

Screenshot from ONE Esports stream

The Filipinas scored a wire-to-wire win as Bren put up a near-perfect 18-1 tally in its first game of the tournament which only ran a little over 11 minutes of game time.

Defrost dictated the game on his Rafaela with a stellar 0-0-16 performance as Bren seized early map control with aggressive rotation. The Filipinas suffocated their Malaysian counterparts to pad their early lead as Bren put focus on securing objectives.

On Air Pipol tried to regain foothold but the Victress was just too much as key pick-offs disrupted OAP’s offensive flow. Bren never looked back as it even took a commanding 15-0 kill score with only 10-minutes gone by in the best-of-1 match.

Lexaaa’s Kagura and Krish’s Esmeralda put up perfect performances with 5-0-10 and 5-0-6 KDAs respectively.

The Victress will take on Indonesian squad Bigetron Era in its final assignment in the opening day at 7 p.m.