PNP notes sharp decrease in number of no 'vax, no ride' violators

The Philippine National Police (PNP) noted a significant decrease on the number of violators on the government's "no vaccine, no ride" policy.

From 160 violators when the policy was first implemented on Jan 17, PNP chief Gen. Dionardo Carlos said the figure reduced to only eight violators on Friday, Jan. 21.

He attributed the decrease to information dissemination that was carried out by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and other government agencies that have been implementing the policy.

MB file photo

“It’s a good sign that the public is slowly adjusting to the policy. We are observing increased cooperation from the unvaccinated individuals,” said Carlos.

The order to the PNP not arrest violators still stand. Policemen were earlier told not to arrest violators and instead warn and educate them on the policy.

Some Local Government Units (LGUs) are transporting the violators to the nearest vaccination sites if the the latter would agree to be vaccinated.

Carlos reminded deputized PNP personnel to exercise maximum tolerance to defiant individuals.

He also took the opportunity to praise policemen who have been exercising maximum tolerance in the implementation of the polocy.

Recently, a police officer’s patience was gauged when a female commuter yelled at him after being denied a ride for failing to present her vaccination card.

“We commend the impressive behavior displayed by our personnel. It was grace under pressure. May we also ask the public not to blame our personnel as they are only fulfilling their mandate,” Carlos said.