Joshua Garcia on Ivana Alawi: 'Jojowain!'

Published January 21, 2022, 12:10 PM

by Neil Ramos

Joshua Garcia has been communicating regularly with Ivana Alawi.

The actor revealed this in “Truth Or Dare,” an interactive benefit show organized by ABS-CBN.

It all started with Joshua being asked to name a person he wants to be “textmates” with.

He replied: “Wala kasi ka text ko na…”

He then revealed the person in question is actually Ivana.

“Hindi kami magka text actually, mas tawag ako e,” he detailed.

The hosts went on to prod him further, asking him to categorize the sexy actress via the popular “Jojowain or Trotropahin” challenge.

Joshua replied, “Siyempre jojowain. I mean come on, choosy ka pa ba? I mean mabait, maganda, sexy…”

Not that he sees them going that route anytime soon.

He explained, “Hindi kasi lahat ng tao masasabi mong meant para magkarelasyon…”

Dared to ask Ivana the same question, Joshua called the vlogger.

Her answer?


Note that prior, Ivana admitted to having a huge crush on Joshua.