Who is Narding Floro and why is Ryza Cenon interested in him?

Published January 20, 2022, 4:45 PM

by Neil Ramos

Do you know Narding Floro?

If you do, please try to reach out to Ryza Cenon.

The actress has been trying to reach out to him.

Apparently, she has learned about Narding through social media.

To those not in the know, Narding is not exactly Richard Gomez or Coco Martin.

He is an 80-year-old from Pangasinan who was incarcerated not long ago for supposedly stealing mangoes.

Ryza thought it too much and offered to pay for his bail.

And it’s not only Ryza who’s willing to help.

Countless others do.

Including Rabiya Mateo.

The beauty queen wasn’t clear exactly why but she made known she wants to meet up with Narding too.

Many believe she also wants to offer him help.

Then there’s Kim Atienza.

He posted, “I would like to pay for his bail and legal services. How may I get in touch with Lolo? This makes my blood boil.”

To update, according to a TV5 report, Thrusday, Narding is now home.

Meanwhile, several others inmates languishing behind bars chorus: “Sana all.”