Upcoming K-Drama starring Park Min Young and Song Kang is raising eyebrows

People are sensitive to the weather and to the next star-studded Korean Drama set to be aired next month!

Song Kang and Park Min Young pair up in the series “Forecasting Love and Weather,” which revolves around the story of a not-so-typical office romance that happens within the walls of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Although there won’t be any horoscope readings here, the KMA office romance reflects the key message that “there’s only a one percent chance of the weather and people to change.”

Ha-Kyung and Si-Woo are played by Park and Song, respectively, and they are expected to have many twists and turns while working in the administration and coming from completely opposite personality types. In such a prestigious institution, they face obstacles as they hide their romance from colleagues and are set to face a lot of jealous people while warming up their once-frozen hearts.

(Courtesy of Netflix)

Song Kang has been highly applauded for many of his recent dramas aired globally because of his aesthetics and love-scenes, which could be expected to be seen in this upcoming Netflix series. Park Min Young, meanwhile, is adored by her fans for her versatility in acting many romcom roles over the past decade. Rumors of Park dating her former co-actor Park Seo Jun recently resurfaced, after the two had been reportedly living in apartments “a few meters away from each other,” which also help garner attention for this upcoming series.

The 16-episode series is directed by Cha Young Hun and is written by Sun Young. Don’t miss out on the first episode on Feb. 12, with new episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday, on Netflix.

Check out the teaser below.