Jose Manalo's kids pose in front of mom's remains: 'Thank you for teaching us how to love'

Published January 18, 2022, 8:05 AM

by Robert Requintina

Kids of Jose Manalo are all smiles as they posed in front of their mom’s remains (Facebook)

Myki Manalo, daughter of comedian Jose Manalo, shared a photo of her and her siblings taken in the wake of their mom Anna Lyn who passed away recently.

On Facebook, Myki and her four other siblings smiled as they posed for a photo.

Anna Lyn is the estranged wife of Jose, one of the regular hosts of “Eat Bulaga.”


Myki wrote an emotional caption to her mom. She wrote not to worry about them and promised to make her proud.

“I know you wouldn’t want to see us crying, so here we are,” Myki wrote.

Her full post on Facebook:

“Mommy gave birth to us five. I’d like to believe that her biggest legacy and the most treasured gift she will leave us here on Earth is the gift of love we have for each other. Thank you for teaching us how to love – specifically by loving us all beyond words, by loving us unconditionally until your last breath. You dedicated your life to us. We will take care of each other from here on. Don’t worry about us, Mommy. We will all make you proud. Run free and rest well. I love you so much. We love you very much.

“PS. I know you wouldn’t want to see us crying, so here we are.”