Is Joshua Garcia ready to shed his softer image?

Published January 18, 2022, 7:08 PM

by Robert Requintina

Joshua Garcia (Facebook)

Garbed in hoodie, it’s not often that you see actor Joshua Garcia doing a free-form sexy dance routine!

In his latest TikTok video, Joshua dances to the rap tune “Call Me” where he grooves and then grabs his crotch in the style of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Click to watch TikTok video here:

A netizen commented: “Could this be part of his new image for 2022? It’s like he’s being groomed for a bad boy image. He’s daring! But it’s okay.”

In the past, Michael revealed why he touches his private part when dancing.

Michael said that music made him do it, as brought about by the powerful rhythm. “I’m a slave to the rhythm.”

Click to watch TikTok video here:

In December 2021, Joshua debuted on TikTok with a clip from the rap song “Ginseng Strip 2002.” His video broke the Internet, earning him the “TikTok King” title.

As of Jan. 18, Joshua’s first TikTok has been viewed more than 88 million times. He has four million followers and 14.1 million likes.