GOSSIP GIRL: Stars and their Omicron experience

Published January 18, 2022, 6:44 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

The entire Poturnak family got COVID-19. From left: Mika, Erika Jacob, Ina, Minka, Brian, and Anika

The highly-transmissible Omicron virus has invaded showbizlandia that stars left to write are recounting their experiences on how they caught it, their symptoms and how they were able to recover. Actress and mother of five Ina Raymundo was supposed to be spared from contracting COVID-19. “My husband and all my five children were positive, but I was negative in the antigen tests. But after a few days, the virus got me as well. I had to get up at 2 am and 4 am to give sponge baths to my children who have reached a 39 temperature. The sleepless nights taking care of them lowered my immune system. It was inevitable that I will catch the virus since Brian and I share the same bed.”

Ivana Alawi

Sexy actress Ivana Alawi recounted in her vlog, “Siguro masasabi niyo na sa title at sa itsura ko, I’m not in a good position. Wala ako sa lugar na kaya kong magpasaya ngayon kasi ang bigat-bigat ng pinagdadaanan ko ngayon sa buhay,” she said. “The virus that we really tried to stay away [from] and hindi magkaroon, e nagkaroon kami. Meron akong COVID-19.”

(Maybe you can already see from the title [of this vlog] and my appearance, I’m not in a good position. I’m currently not in the place to make people happy because I’m going through something heavy in my life right now. The virus that we really tried to stay away from and avoided having, we got it. I got COVID.” It was Alawi’s mother who first got the virus, and she immediately left the house to protect her children. After a few days, Ivana and her sister tested positive as well. Alawi is clueless where her mother got the virus, since all of them stay home.

Iya and son

Kids of Iya and Drew

The most painful story I heard was that of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s story. Both husband and wife contracted the virus and to protect their children, they isolated themselves. The problem was their doors are made of glass, so the children could see their parents but were too young to understand why their parents could not hold them, carry them nor touch them. But since the COVID-19 virus was airborne, the kids caught it as well. Ironically, the kids looked happier even when they were sick because mommy and daddy can now hold, cuddle and take care of them. In her Instagram account, Iya posts a picture of her three kids trying behind a glass door, “The situation here in Casa Arellano. Drew and I are still hanging onto that little chance that maybe the kids are spared. This post is for all mamas and papas that are going through the same thing and have to endure not hugging and kissing their children. This was the hardest thing to accept upon learning that I was positive. Primo gets it, Leon is okay too because he follows his kuya’s lead, but Alana? It broke my heart to see her cry for me and not being able to console her a bit. So mamas in the same situation, you are not alone. My tip? Try not to cry, ’cause the tears will only cause nasala congestion and lengthen recovery. I know ang hirap. Man, I cried! But you have to get over it soon as you can and get in that speed car towards recovery for your family.” After a few days, Iya started posting pics with her children as they were already affected by the airborne virus. She is asking for prayers for her infected children as well.


The funniest story is that of Pooh, the comedian. In his vlog, he suggested tips to get well faster, like eating oranges with raw garlic and not taking a bath! He bragged that he only took a bath twice in his ten-day quarantine.