Kim Woo-Bin, E Som, and Kang You Seok lead K-drama ‘Black Knight’

A powerhouse cast and amazing director lead the production of a new K-drama

Just recently, Netflix Korea had confirmed the start of production for an upcoming K-drama called “Black Knight.” Kim Woo Bin, E Som, and Kang You-Seok are also confirmed to be the lead roles for the upcoming original series.

Here’s what else we found out about “Black Knight.”

Its story revolves around an air-polluted world, set in the year 2071. Everyone around the planet depends on respirators to breathe, and only one percent of humanity has survived from the catastrophes of years past. We’re set to see a deserted version of the Korean Peninsula in this series as well.

Set in all this chaos, “Black Knight” is expected to tell viewers the story of a character named “5-8” and Sawol, a refugee who dreams of following in his footsteps as a legendary delivery driver with a unique set of fighting skills. They work as delivery drivers who are in the story as a unique group responsible for the survival of the human race. The title won as a webtoon at the E-IP Award at the Asian Film Market some time ago. So the story in itself is one to look out for.

From left: Woo Bin, You Seok, E Som (Netflix)

Kim Woo-Bin plays “5-8”. We’ve seen him mesmerize viewers in South Korea and around the world in his performance in “Master, Uncontrollably Fond, and Inheritors.”

Kang You-Seok plays Sawol. We’ve seen his amazing performance in “Start-Up,” “Once Again,” and “Light on Me,” and expect to see even more in this upcoming project.

E Som plays Seolah, a military officer at the Defense Intelligence Command and saves Sawol in the series. She’s been exceptional in the drama “Taxi Driver,” and other films like “Samjin Company English Class,” “Inseparable Bros,” and “Microhabitat.”

Woo Bin is reunited with Director Choi Ui-Seok after the 2016 blockbuster hit, “Master.” Director Choi is also expected to guide the powerhouse team’s synergy to portray such unique characters.

Is the world in “Black Knight” a foreshadowing of the true future of the world after the coronavirus pandemic? Only time would tell. As of writing, Netflix is yet to announce an official release date for this series. What we do know is that you can soon catch “Black Knight” only on Netflix.