Marikina City records more than 2,000 active COVID-19 cases

Published January 14, 2022, 7:06 PM

by Manila Bulletin

By Cherrylin Caacbay

Marikina City has recorded a total of 2,048 active COVID-19 cases, the local government announced on Friday, Jan. 14.

As of Thursday (Jan. 13), 1,933 active cases were in home quarantine while 32 were hospitalized.

Among the active cases, 87.35% or 1,789 individuals are fully vaccinated; 1.12% or 23 persons are partially vaccinated; and 11.43% or 236 are unvaccinated.

The local government said 342 cases or 16.7% are asymptomatic; 1,700 or 83.2% are mild; and six or 0.29% are moderate.

No severe or critical cases were recorded.

The city logged 365 new confirmed cases on Jan. 13, the highest daily count since the pandemic began.

The attack rate of COVID-19 or speed of infection in the city has also increased to 44.91.

Meanwhile, the positivity rate or the number of people who test positive for COVID-19 was at 47.56.

The city government said the possible sources of infections were mostly work sites, households, and gatherings.