Lotlot de Leon replies to netizen who called her out for missing party for mom Nora Aunor

Published January 14, 2022, 12:01 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Lotlot de Leon quickly responded to a critic who slammed her for allegedly skipping the surprise party prepared by her siblings for their mother, Nora Aunor.

Commenting on the actress’ selfie captioned “Hakuna Matata,” which means “no worries,” the naysayer wrote: “Matigas talaga puso noh? D namin alam kung ano ginawa sayo ni ate guy, subra mo cya natitiis, baka bumalik sayo ginagawa mo, pray harder n walang anak mo gumaya sayo. Siguro kung d k nya inampo wala k sa kalagayan mo ngayon. Sa nkikita puro lagi mo binabati CD d naman cya ang umampon sayo. Nkita namin lahat dinalaw c ate guy ikaw lang wala. Ano pag tingin mo sa kanya pangas? Idol kita like kita kahit noon p bata k pa kahit n nga ngayon sinusubay bayan kita. Pero d ko mapigilan sabihin ito. D ko gusto ugali mo. Iunfollow n kita.”

Lotlot replied: “Ay! Ang puso mo hinay hinay po.. Pero teka Baka kulang pa po sasabihin nyo? Wala na po ba kayo idadagdag sa panghuhusga nyo? Okay..noted po! Noted na noted po!”

Lotlot’s biological sister Myria Dufresne interjected, defending the 50-year-old star.

“You don’t know her on a personal level, so don’t be rude! Do you want people to think you’re rude to everyone you talk to in public that you don’t know and you only have a spectator view of? Well this is how you achieve that public opinion! You have no idea what goes on in the family, so please keep your nasty grams to yourself!,” she said.

According to Myria, her sister has a “very loving heart” and she “deserves nothing but the best!”

“So by all means, do us all a favor and unfollow her, because if your aren’t here to help lift her spirits up, then that means, YOU are the only one here with the hardened heart! So show some RESPECT AND EMPATHY or go crawl back under that hole you came out from!”

Recall that the party was attended by siblings Ian, Matet, Kenneth, and Kiko de Leon.

According to a report, Ate Guy was emotional seeing her children.

The Superstar’s partner, rapper-actor John Rendez, was there, too.