H3C on shaping the digital future for a better life

Published January 14, 2022, 9:03 AM

by Robert D. Reyes

H3C Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life

At the recently-concluded CXO Innovation Summit organized by VST ECS Phils. Inc., the industry leader in the provisioning of digital solutions H3C discussed how the digital economy is changing our work and life, and what can we do to shape the digital future for a better life in the Philippines.

H3C outlined its commitment to becoming the most trusted partner of its customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation. Showcasing a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products spanning across chips, compute, storage, networking, 5G, security, terminal, and related domains, the company can confidently provide a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet, information security, intelligent connectivity, AI vision, and edge computing, as well as end-to-end technical services.

“The path to digital transformation is paved with challenges. We see the Philippines as an important market because it is a major economic player in Asia. The Philippines is working hard to fulfill its vision to promote digital construction and a comprehensive framework for digital transformation. We look forward to building a new smart future with the Philippines,” according to Aaron Qiu, Country Head of H3C Philippines.

Based on a 2020 Gartner report, some 53% of organizations across different industries remain untested in the face of digital challenge and their digital transformation readiness is therefore uncertain.

Based on its in-depth insight into the Philippines’ current ICT situation and demands, H3C will rapidly expand in the Southeast Asian region and aim to be more involved in a broader and deeper engagement to bring significant improvements in business processes.

Key Factors in a Digital Transformation Journey

As digital transformation is something that cannot be achieved in a single day, but rather should be treated as a journey, here are the key factors that an organization must consider to have for a successful transition:

Know your current status and assets.

Know your business challenges.

Know your target and have a clear path.

Build your expert team well versed in ICT with industry insights and practice.

“The key industries’ need to undergo digital transformation is now more evident than ever because of COVID-19 pandemic which has led to difficulties in business operations. This is why digital adoption is important as it will be the new engine of economic growth. Crucially, digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud computing have changed the way businesses conduct their operations and the way of life for society,” H3C commented on why key industries in the Philippines should adapt to new digital challenges and address the need to digitally transform themselves to create more business value.

H3C’s Digital Solutions Add Value to Industry Players

H3C demonstrated its innovation and implementation of industry solutions that include partner-based services and technological innovation combined with one-stop services to help accelerate digital transformation across industries.

The company believes that by accelerating the digital transformation of traditional enterprises and enabling them with industrial intelligent applications, many will share the benefits of digitalization and create a better digital future.

With the continuous growth in demand for digital transformation services worldwide, H3C has established representative offices in eleven (11) overseas markets since it first expanded outside of China in 2019. Its international business covers more than 30 countries in industries such as government, education, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, transportation, and finance.

These are just a small portion of the new digital economy that will benefit from digital transformation. Presently, H3C is driving its Seer Network Architecture (H3C SDN solution) in Data Center, WAN (Wide Area Network), and campus network setup. The company has assisted a national government agency in setting up SDN-ready (AD-Campus) automated networks across its central and field office networks.