WATCH: Heart Evangelista answers why they don’t have kids

Published January 13, 2022, 2:40 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Be mindful

It’s an Asian thing—to be privy about the personal aspects of other people. More so for the older generation who mean well but come across a little insensitive.

This is what happened to Heart Evangelista when she replied to a follower’s question: “Bakit hindi kayo magka-anak (Why don’t you have kids yet)”

Her reply? “Kulit ha.” While pouring a bottle of Perrier on her glass, then adds, “Ayoko e ( I don’t want to).”

Then she moves on to another video with the caption, “Chill. Not your uterus.” Then she starts talking again, “Did anyone teach you manners? I mean, you know what. I mean, if I’m not sad about it, why are you even…” She held back after, and we think people get it.

“Being a mom shouldn’t be the only source of happiness. My goodness. What are you going to do when your kids have their own life,” she added in the caption.