PH Red Cross relief ops continue in Bohol, Siargao despite rising COVID-19 cases

Published January 12, 2022, 1:53 PM

by Dhel Nazario

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) said on Wednesday, Jan. 12 that it will continue with its relief operations in Bohol, even with the surge of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases.

(Photo from Philippine Red Cross / MANILA BULLETIN)

PRC Chairman Senator Richard Gordon assured that PRC will still operate throughout the country, especially in provinces severely affected by the typhoon.

“Our international partners and the diplomatic community have provided so much help, but we will continue to work with them to continue their support. Kailangan natin tulungan ang aming kapwang Pilipino (We need to help our countrymen),” he added.

PRC said that Bohol remains in a dire situation, with the province lacking power, water, food, and decent shelter.

WIth this, PRC deployed a water tanker in the province through its humanitarian caravan, enabling the country’s foremost humanitarian organization to distribute 246,000 liters of water. PRC also strategically set up water bladders in various barangays. In addition, 5,303 hot meals were prepared and distributed to various parts of Bohol through PRC’s”Hot Meals On Wheels” food trucks.

One of PRC’s interventions also was to bring in a generator-run VSAT, which is a two-way satellite allowing those affected by the typhoon to contact their families locally and internationally.

To address the medical needs of the population, 489 patients were also provided emergency medical care at PRC’s first aid stations. A total of 1,251 persons were given psychosocial support, while 3,485 children were cared for under the child-friendly space program.

Meanwhile, PRC said that 1,982 medicines were also distributed, while1,803 individuals attended health awareness seminars, and 3,701 face masks were handed out to adhere to required health protocols due to the COVID-19 surge. Additionally, 5,274 individuals participated in hygiene promotion seminars.

With the devastation of their homes PRC distributed sleeping kits and jerrycans to 141 families in Talibon. Shelter tool kits were also handed to 300 families in Ubay to rebuild their homes. Affected families were also given tarpaulins for use as temporary shelters, and 300 families received cash assistance to help them provide for their needs.

“PRC is taking more precautionary measures to protect the people and its staff members and volunteers dedicated to alleviating human suffering and uplifting the dignity of the people,” the organization said.

PRC said that currently, proactive measures are also being planned to conduct vaccinations and testing in the areas.

Photo from Philippine Red Cross

Meanwhile, relief operations also continue in Siargao as Gordon distributed hot meals, food items, deployed a water tanker, and provided an ambulance for 250 families.

“We are in the business of hope. We will continue to let those hit by the recent Super Typhoon Odette know that this is why the Red Cross continues to work ‘round the clock to provide immediate relief to the affected provinces,” Gordon said.

PRC said that he led the distribution of water and relief items to affected communities, spoke with those who lost their homes, and attended to those who required medical support.

As Siargao is one of the hardest-hit communities by Typhoon Odette, the PRC said that it has now distributed 212,690 liters of water, provided hot meals to 2,840 individuals, helped link 175 individuals with their families through free telephone calls, conducted play therapy with 650 children, gave psychosocial support to 553 individuals, and held a hygiene promotion session for 72 individuals.