Firm launches B2B platform in PH

Published January 12, 2022, 2:42 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

Tinvio, a B2B transactions platform that helps merchants manage orders, invoices, and payments with suppliers via a chat-led interface, officially announced its launch in the Philippines, after previously expanding into other Asian markets – such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong, to support small-medium businesses efficiently manage their day-to-day procurement transactions.

Tinvio is built around the idea that every merchant and supplier should be able to work smarter together. With clean design, agile engineering, and genuine support, Tinvio aims to unlock the capabilities that make both merchant and supplier more productive and profitable.

Ryven Barrio- VP Business Operations

Sharing more about the ultimate goals of Tinvio, Ryven Barrio, Tinvio Philippines’ VP Business Operations, believes that the platform will help suppliers and merchants to manage orders and payments much more easily. “With Tinvio, our goal is to reimagine how merchants and suppliers transact here in the Philippines, by offering a very easy to use interface that’s convenient for both suppliers and merchants. We want a future without fragmented communication, missing orders, painful invoices and payments reconciliation, and missing insights — that’s what we’re here to solve for the community.”

Since 2021, Tinvio has been primarily focused on their Fintech stack: designing,

developing, and launching B2B Payments and Credit user experiences for merchant–supplier transactions across multiple countries in APAC. Tinvio is trusted by more than 5,000 merchants across the region.

Ajay Gopal- Founder and CEO

Ajay Gopal, Founder and CEO of Tinvio thinks that B2B payments are more complex than it seems. However, what is highly emerging will be a number of highly targeted B2B payment solutions that will address very specific use cases. As the founder of Tinvio, Ajay believes that the complexity nature of B2B allows start-up companies to provide solutions: “We can create user experiences that simplify that kind of complexity.”