Lian Paz congratulates Leonhardt John Cabahug for his biz achievement

Published January 7, 2022, 3:13 PM

by Robert Requintina

Leonhardt John Cabahug and Lian Paz

Former EB Babe Lian Paz congratulated her boyfriend Leonhardt John Cabahug for his achievements in the field of business.

John was one of the 16 awardees at the 8th Elite Business Awards held last Dec. 16, 2021.

“Congratulations John! May you continue to be of service to your constituents. God bless,” said Lian.

During the awarding ceremonies, John talked about how fellow Cebuanos lifted their spirits up despite the crisis that hit the province recently.

“No electricity, no water, no mobile signal, no internet and network data available in the entire Cebu after typhoon Odette hit the province, but look at your loved ones,” John said.

John, 34, also shared his experience in spending the holidays in Cebu. “It is a wonderful experience if you are going to think of it in a positive way, This has been a new experience that you can bring with you forever because our experiences in life are ours to keep and anytime in the future, we can talk about it and maybe even laugh about it and looking back, we can value that moment as it can humble you down and focus on things that really matter. It can also motivate you for there is so much to rebuild and families to help. Personally, it gave me the opportunity to educate my children – to celebrate Christmas without material things.”

John and Lian show the awards they received during the 8th Elite Business Awards

The former basketball player said that there’s food on the table and quality time with family members minus the gadgets. “As we looked around, we saw each other and that’s all that matters. At the end of the day, We value the people around us.”

Born and raised in Cebu, John said he was not expecting to be recognized this early when it comes to business leadership.

John said that his advocacy is focused on helping young athletes and livelihood for mothers while at home.

He also said that “basketball was his dream, business was his calling.”

John believes that promotion comes from the Lord. “I was just waiting for my call and opportunity came in when I started Vdrink. Vdrink is known for their ready-to-drink malunggay which has also been awarded at the 8th Elite Business Awards as ‘Premier Malunggay Based Juice Drink Brand.” Vdrink has been awarded thrice for 2021.The other two awards are ‘Best Premium Quality Wellness Lactating Malunggay Juice Brand’ and ‘Philippine Social Media Star brand for 2021.’ I believe that God lends a helping hand to the man who tries hard. That’s how he wanted young individuals with dreams to keep in mind.”