Berjaya Hotel Makati pleads for kindness, consideration

Published January 5, 2022, 1:15 PM

by Patrick Garcia

The Berjaya Hotel Makati appealed to the public on Wednesday, Jan. 5, to be kind and considerate to the establishment and its employees after a returning Filipino traveler from the United States, identified by the police as Gwyneth Ann Chua, allegedly skipped quarantine procedures in the hotel and was later found to be COVID-19 positive.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the hotel management pleaded for consideration from the public as it explained that it does not tolerate quarantine violators.

“We don’t tolerate violators nor entertain thoughts of being a connection,” the hotel said.

“We find it unfortunate that people are casually citing allegations without proper investigations and facts and without thought to how misinformation can damage lives,” it added.

The management said that due to speculations and allegations, most of its clients are now doubting the hotel’s credibility and safety.

“Our clients, business partners, associates, and existing guests are now in doubt but they must realize that for two years serving our fellow Filipinos and just by this we are pinned down, crucified by a circumstance that is so unforeseen and unbecoming,” the hotel said.

“If there’s anything that we need to correct, we humbly take it. That’s how we learn and we improve. All we ask is that we are given the full opportunity to state our case and implement corrective action before abruptly being judged,” it added.

“As we try our best to survive and remain afloat in business in this continuing pandemic, we hope authorities and the public will be kind enough and consider that we don t just protect Berjaya, we stand for our employees, stakeholders, guests, reputations, and of course, our families,” Berjaya Hotel said.

The Makati City local government said on Tuesday that it would file a complaint against Berjaya Hotel for Chua’s quarantine breach.

Meanwhile, the Department of Tourism (DOT) suspended on Wednesday, Jan. 5, the accreditation of Berjaya Hotel.

The DOT also revoked Berjaya’s permit as a multiple-use hotel and was fined “equivalent to twice the rack rate of its most expensive room” for failing to stop a guest from breaking quarantine rules.