Marvin Agustin moves forward following cochinillo furor

Published January 4, 2022, 3:17 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Marvin Agustin welcomed the New Year brimming with positivity following the commotion involving his cochinillo business.

On Instagram, he wrote: “Happy new year everyone! We live and we learn to fight another day. We are roasting now your COCHI orders. We have prepared and gave our all to make everything good. Enjoy the COCHI we all worked hard for to give you a delicious experience.”

“Moving forward, after this holiday. We will go back to our old-style of operations that we won’t be able to arrange delivery anymore for our customers, as this is not our core competency.”

He noted how the quality of their cochinillo is best enjoyed straight from the oven, and that delivery condition is something beyond their control.

“While other customer’s experiences of traveling as far as Bataan and Batangas, having our COCHI reached to their addresses with quality they love and enjoy. That may not be the case for others,” he related. “We give instructions what to do but we don’t know what happens during the travel time.”

“We thank you all for your continued trust and support. God bless all of us! We wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and happy 2022!”

Note that Marvin experienced his “worst Christmas” with customers complaining about his cochinillo not being up to par.

The actor was quick to apologize.