Chevron expands retail network

Chevron Philippines, which carries the ‘Caltex’ brand of petroleum products, has expanded its retail network and has also reinforced its vehicle auto repair shops and lube bays in various parts of the country.

caltex station photo

In a statement to the media, the oil company said it brought to commercial operations at least six new stations within this year’s second quarter and these are sited in Cavite, Isabela, Camarines Sur, Pampanga, Quezon City and Iloilo.

The new gasoline stations, according to Chevron, will serve the demand of customers in their areas – and could also promote tourism as well as spur rebound and subsequent growth of economic activities in these domains.

Billy Liu, country chairman of Chevron Philippines, noted “Caltex continues to move forward with expanding to serve the needs of Filipino motorists and the country.”

He stressed that “as the economy opens up, more vehicles will be filling the roads again. They will need access to safe and quality fuels, which Calex offers in our growing retail network in key urban centers and thoroughfares across the country.”

On top of the new gasoline stations, the oil firm similarly built up its Caltex Havoline AutoPro sites with the addition of 25 new outlets.

“Motorists and gearheads alike can travel worry-free with these sites strategically located in the busiest roads of Pasig City and Quezon City,” the company added.

Chevron further specified that “Caltex Havoline autoPro workshops have also opened in major cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.”

As explained, “these one-stop workshops guarantee motorists world-class standard,” and car owners “can avail of services, such as oil and fluid change, minor repairs and car cleaning, so they can get bustling on the road in no time.”

Chevron emphasized the Caltex Havoline autoPro workshops “allow car owners to access Caltex fuels, lubricants and other automotive products – and the topnotch service of frontline staff, well-trained mechanics and modern facilities.”

To sustain customer patronage, the oil firm likewise offered several promos and loyalty rewards program to its customers - including Biyaheng Bakunado, which extends P3.00 per liter discount to end-users who are already Covid-vaccinated; and carried on with its ongoing promos with MVP Cards, Robinsons Rewards, Happy Plus and 7-Eleven cards. ###