A frustrating Christmas for Maggie Wilson

Published December 27, 2021, 12:31 PM

by Neil Ramos

Maggie Wilson recently took to social media to share with fans how she failed to celebrate Christmas with her son.

Posting a photo of her with son Connor, she wrote: “Christmas Day didn’t pan out as planned. I had planned and cooked a beautiful dinner for family and friends with my son over.”

“Unfortunately, I was denied that. Over Xmas eve and Xmas day, I was refused time with my son Connor despite an agreement being made prior,” she added.

“It’s been 48 hours, I didn’t get to open presents with him or even have a meal with him,” she went on. “This kind of situation sadly happens in ‘certain’ families and as is seen as ‘normal.'”


The former beauty queen went on to add, “there are strong reasons why I left and if you think I left because of another guy, you have no idea.”

“Those reasons will be revealed in time. I have been put through so much over the last 3 months and more so the last few years. Judge me all you want. If you think you know, you haven’t seen anything yet. I have an entire vault just filled with receipts.”

Maggie also has a message for those going though the same: “To everyone going through something similar, I have received and read all your messages, I stand with you, I feel for you, stay strong. We will get through this.”

She ended, “If anything happens to me or anyone close to me, you know where to look.”

Whatever the case maybe, it looks like Maggie’s effort worked.

She was reunited with her son, recently.

Maggie announced her separation from Victor Consunji last September.