Published December 24, 2021, 7:40 PM

by Mike Lim

Lovestruck Actor (LA) proclaimed his commitment to Pretty Performer (PP), thus closing possibilities for people who admire and want him. LA is an attractive personality, given his looks and stance. He is a competent actor and has landed marked roles in his years in the business. Meanwhile, nothing much is known about PP.

People are wondering and worrying if LA knows PP well enough. Apparently, the wonder and worry stem from the past of PP. PP started from humble beginnings and, like other celebrities ahead of her, she used to model. Her modeling days were not limited to the ramp, as non-ramp modeling events filled up her time then. There were many events that hired beautiful women to garner attention for their products. PP dabbled in such.

Allegedly, PP had enhancements done to make her more alluring. The changes were successful, as PP indeed looks better than before. In addition, PP was allegedly in a fully committed relationship years ago, but that ended in separation. Was a rich businessman involved in tourism part of her life, too? That did not go on forever as well.

However, these days, people are more open when faced with the past as long as cheating will not happen in the future. LA is in love and PP has caught the desirable one. Perhaps, love is blind and beauty is not skin deep.

‘‘That’s the cool thing about the past,’ Bronwyn says, ‘It’s temporary. If you don’t like the one you have, you can just keep making new ones until you find one that’s a good fit.’’ ― Rasmenia Massoud

Inconsistent Image

The popularity of social media has resulted in using the tool as a way to promote businesses. Subsequently, products targeted celebrities with many followers as endorsers. A celebrity just needs to post a photo or video of the said product, which can translate to awareness and sales.

In the past years, small business owners have reached out to various celebrities for help in gaining visibility for their products. Small business owners send their products, such as food, to celebrities. A photo showing a celebrity with the product is already a big help to these non-showbiz folks trying to make ends meet.

The simplest way to generate awareness is to tag the social media account of a celebrity. Some celebrities would click on the like or heart icon to show support and linger for a time in the post. Unfortunately, not all celebrities are generous. Small Business Owner (SO) was disappointed at the action of a celebrity Business Advocate (BA). BA has been vocal in supporting small business owners, which made SO think of asking for help to generate awareness. When SO tagged BA, BA immediately removed the tagging. Such action sent out the message that BA was not true to the advocacy.

‘I often wonder why the whole world is so prone to generalize. Generalizations are seldom if ever true and are usually utterly inaccurate.’ ― Agatha Christie

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