ICTSI's Melbourne unit expands fleet

Published December 23, 2021, 5:46 PM

by Emmie V. Abadilla

VICT takes delivery of six new Kalmar Auto Container Carriers_1141x640

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI)’s subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia, the fully-automated Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), recently expanded its fleet to 17 by taking delivery of six automated container carriers (ACCs) from Kalmar.

The new ACCs form part of VICT’s AUD139 million investment into Webb Dock and the Victorian economy over the next two years,

VICT’s fleet expansion enhances container movement between automated ship-to-shore- cranes on the terminal’s quay side and auto stacking cranes on the land side.

“The ACCs will enable VICT to meet the growing volumes being driven across the Port of Melbourne, while supporting engineering maintenance activities,” says Jon Wheeler, VICT chief operations officer.

“The order of the ACCs also demonstrates the continued collaboration between VICT and Kalmar, verifying and helping advance the Kalmar One Automated System,” he added.

The new ACCs also complement the Port of Melbourne’s investment to remove the “knuckle” and add another 71 meters of quay line to berth 4 of Webb Dock East.

The VICT, operating on its 5th year now, is capable of servicing the largest existing and next-class vessels on trade.