Julia Barretto's confessions

Published December 22, 2021, 10:11 PM

by Robert Requintina

Julia Barretto (Instagram)

Actress Julia Barretto is excited about the holidays as she revs up for a busier and exciting 2022.

“I hope I won’t get tired in 2022,” says Julia when asked about her New Year’s Resolution for the coming year, during the online launch of her latest endorsement for Miracle White supplements recently.

Julia shares to the entertainment press glimpses of her simple activities with her family and loved ones this Christmas weekend.


“Pag Noche Buena, si mommy talaga nagluluto ‘yan ng favorites namin. On the 24th, she’s going to cook all our favorites. We’re just going to be together, me and my siblings. Gerald (Anderson) will be with us,” Julia reveals.

The year 2021 continues to be a challenging year for many. But Julia says she just appreciates all the wonderful things that happened to her this year.

“We are blessed. It’s a good year (for us) this year. There is real magic in counting your blessings. Every time na medyo napapagod na ako or stressed, I really take the time to shut down and take a moment for myself. Then I count the things that I should be grateful for, and I feel we are blessed, especially this year so hindi ko pinapayagan na mangibabaw ang stress and negativity because again, hindi nakaka-ganda. So always count your blessings especially now na hindi natin alam kung ano ang mangyayari mamaya or bukas so I just want to enjoy what I have and the people around me,” she says.


When asked about her insecurities, Julia says it boils down to height.

“Most say they wish I was taller. I wish I was tall as Claudia, my sister. Sometimes she’s younger than I. But then you find ways. You buy sneakers na may heels. You wear jeans if you want kahit nasa putikan ka. I have totally embraced who I am and my height. I just find ways to be a little taller,” she adds.

Julia says true beauty is embracing who you are and being proud of it. She also gives a piece of advice to girls who are insecure about their looks.

“I totally get it. I totally understand. But at some point, we just have to accept it and let go of things that we cannot control because it will lead us to frustrations or anger. So I pray that you just learn to love it and find ways to embrace it. Just make some adjustments and try to forget about the things you don’t really like about yourselves. Later on, that will be your greatest strength, I promise,” she says.


Julia also spills her daily beauty rituals. “Beauty rituals ko, once or twice a week, favorite ko talaga mag body scrub sa bahay. I love smooth skin. I love baby skin. Then twice a day, I take Miracle White Supplements. I always wash my face and moisturize it. Belo, Ponds, and Miracle White, thank you so much for making me beautiful every day.”

The actress also admits she’s kikay or vain. When asked to rate her being vain on a a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, Julia said: “10 na! ‘Yun din naman ang sasabihn ng bashers eh. Maarte ako eh.”

Julia, 24, will star in three movies in 2022, including “Expensive Candy” with Carlo Aquino under Viva Films; and a horror movie to be directed by Brillante Mendoza.