Breakout global stars BIBI & 347aidan join forces for 88rising 'The Weekend' remix

Photographer: Kristen Jan Wong @kristenjanwong

23-year-old South Korean based artist and emerging R&B singer BIBI has returned with The Weekend (with 347aidan) from 88rising, BIBI, 347aidan live as of Friday, Dec. 10, @ Midnight (0:00) Local Storeturn.

The remix is of the pop-R&B track "The Weekend" which is off 88rising's upcoming collaborative "Head In The Clouds 3" album. "The Weekend" is an energizing, fun anthem that exemplifies BIBI’s signature charm. Throughout the track, which was written by Dava and produced by Pink Slip and producer duo max & kyle, BIBI commiserates a fling — her longing juxtaposed with a slick retro beat and an addictive hook.

347aidan joins the track with his verse and unique vocal color harmonizing with BIBI, adding a longing and frustrated response to his almost-lover. His pop-punk sound adds a spin to the track, giving it an alternative edge to the already funky beat.

BIBI solidified herself as a musician to watch the weekend of the famed Head In The Clouds Festival, where she made her US performance debut of her latest track, “The Weekend.” The single, which was released on Oct. 14th, was included in 29+ Spotify playlists on day of release, including the esteemed New Music Friday playlist.

BIBI’s performance on the main stage – supported by her FeelGhoodMusic labelmates, MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, and Bizzy) – began with “PADO,” a triple-entendre for the Korean words “tide/wave,” with mermaid-inspired visuals projected onto the LED screen. During the next song, officially tilted “She Got It,” but more widely known by the song’s subtitle, “cigarette and condom,” BIBI brought out a handbag filled with condoms and threw them out to audience goers, promoting and bringing awareness to safe sex. Though this was her first time performing in America, she commanded the stage like a seasoned pro through her songs “BAD SAD AND MAD” and “KAZINO” – and the audience sang along to every word. The pinnacle of BIBI’s set took place during the closing song, “The Weekend,” an all-English-sung collaboration between FeelGhoodMusic and 88Rising, where BIBI entered the crowd and began to rain kisses upon her adoring fans. Amazed at how many fans knew her songs, BIBI left the stage in her newfound status as a global superstar. You can watch the performance video of BIBI singing “The Weekend” here.

BIBI’s presence at the Festival proved she’s a star, and is breaking the mold of what K-POP looks like globally with her vibrant, unapologetic personality. With the remix of the track with breakout artist 347aidan, we see a new and fresh spin on the track for fans to enjoy worldwide.