Singlife’s ‘Cash for Medical Costs’ protects from high medical expenses

Published December 15, 2021, 4:18 PM

by MB Technews

Singlife’s Cash for Medical Costs protects from high medical expenses

Anyone can be diagnosed with a critical illness, including cancer, heart attack, or stroke. But how many can pay for the medical treatments needed, often exceeding five hundred thousand pesos or even one million pesos when it happens in their own family?

To help fill this gap, Singlife Philippines launched Cash for Medical Costs. This new medical insurance product acts as a shield against medical expenses for individuals and families. It provides cash when you are hospitalized, cash when you are diagnosed with one of one hundred twenty-five covered critical diseases, and reimbursements for medical costs when you need intensive medical care due to a critical condition or illness1. The best part? You can complete your purchase in less than five minutes via GInsure on the GCash app, and there are no medical exams required or long forms to fill out.

Singlife’s Cash for Medical Costs is easy on the pocket, as premiums can be paid monthly and are surprisingly affordable. For example, a family of three can be covered from medical costs up to Php 1,275,000 each, for as low as Php 2,020/month2 for the entire family.

“Many people fear the medical bill more than the operation itself. Even with HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) coverage, if you are diagnosed with a serious illness, the cover is often not enough,” explained Rien Hermans, CEO of Singlife Philippines. “This is why we made it easy for individuals and their families to be well protected from high medical bills. We created a product that covers a wide range of illnesses because there are so many more critical illnesses besides cancer, stroke, and heart attack. We offer a coverage that would still protect you even after you have been diagnosed with a critical illness and have received a claim because sometimes bad things can happen to good people. We developed a product that pays for hospitalization costs in almost every case, even for childbirth. Most of all, we wanted to show that being well insured is possible, within your budget, and can be easy to get.”

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash said: “The pandemic has shown us how important it is to be protected, physically and financially, all the time. At GCash, we want to help ease worries and prepare Filipinos to weather unexpected situations. By partnering with Singlife Philippines, we are making it more convenient for more people to get financially protected from unexpected medical expenses.”

Getting insured doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming, especially given the health challenges these days. With Singlife’s Cash for Medical Costs, all it takes is just five minutes for you and your loved ones to be protected from the financial burdens of getting hospitalized or getting critically ill.