Comelec releases guidelines on media, observer accreditation

Published December 15, 2021, 4:12 PM

by Dhel Nazario

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) released on Wednesday, Dec. 15 resolutions containing a set of guidelines for the accreditation of domestic and international observers and media practitioners for the 2022 polls.


Resolution No. 10740, states that Philippine and foreign nationals, whether as individuals or in groups, whether representing governmental or private interests, are expected to observe and monitor the conduct of the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections.

It mentioned that election observation and monitoring play an important role in providing accurate and impartial assessments about the conduct of the elections and has the potential to enhance the integrity of the electoral process.

Those qualified to acquire an accreditation must have a bona fide intention to participate in the conduct of the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections exclusively as observers or monitors of the electoral process, must be free from any political, economic or other conflicts of interests that would interfere with conducting observations/monitoring impartially, and must comply with the provisions of Sections 4 and 11.

Comelec said that applicants are required to disclose their intention to take part in the conduct of the elections as domestic or foreign observers or monitors.

Applications for accreditation of foreign observers and domestic observers with official addresses in the National Capital Region (NCR) shall be filed at the COMELEC Education and Information Department (EID) via online through the following links:

For foreign observers:

For domestic observers:

Applications for accreditation for domestic observers residing within the provinces in the region shall be filed personally or through an authorized representative at the Offices of the Regional Election Directors (OREDs) concerned. The prescribed application form for domestic observers is downloadable at the COMELEC website,

The period for filing applications for accreditation shall be from the effectivity of this Guidelines until March 11, 2022.

On the other hand, Resolution No. 10739 indicates the media personalities who can cover the coming elections.

Comelec defined media practitioners as a person or group of persons actively engaged in the pursuit of information gathering and reporting or distribution, in any manner or form, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Bloggers
  • Community Journalists
  • Documentary Makers
  • Feature Film Makers
  • Novelists
  • Online Journalists
  • Photo Journalists
  • Playwrights
  • Print Journalists
  • Professional Photographers
  • Professional Videographers
  • Public Relations Contractors
  • Radio Journalists
  • Screenwriters
  • Television Journalists
  • Television Productions

Comelec said that endorsements from any person other than those mentioned above shall not be honored: Provided that the application of freelancers whose previous accomplishments are highly visible, respected and widely recognized need not be endorsed.

All visiting foreign media, according to Comelec, seeking accreditation – including reporters, correspondents and stringers, cameramen, photographers and other members of the news/ editorial staff of foreign wire agencies, regardless of nationality, shall submit individual or group endorsements from the embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over the foreign media entity or organization they are representing or are on assignment for.

The period for filing application for accreditation shall be until March 11, 2022.

Applications for accreditation of national media, foreign media and other media, both domestic and foreign, such as novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, and those involved in the production of feature films and documentaries shall be filed at the Education and Information Department (EID) via online through the following links:

For National Media and other media:

For Foreign Media:

Applications for accreditation of local media shall be filed at the Office of the Provincial Election Supervisor (OPES) concerned, by submitting the prescribed application form for accreditation of Local Media together with the requirements, personally or through an authorized representative. Said application form can be downloaded at the COMELEC website.