BBM’s style

Published December 14, 2021, 12:05 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

Why is the camp of Bongbong Marcos not replying to accusations that he has not paid his taxes, not filed his income tax returns?

“Why should we do their work for them?” said a source in BBM’s inner circle. “They make accusations that cannot stick and they’re too lazy to do their research. Let them solve their own problems.”

In fact, The Manila Times reported in its banner story last Dec. 6 that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. paid his tax liabilities in full, all P67, 137.27, on Dec. 27, 2001. The receipt was issued by Land Bank. BIR confirmed payment, the Times stated. As far as I have been following the newspaper, that report has not been challenged, nor has it been confirmed by BBM insiders.

Unless my simple addition is wrong, nine petitions for disqualification as a presidential candidate have been filed against BBM to date. To us non-lawyers a single case, let alone nine, is enough to blow one’s mind, and if not out of the water, then out of steam. BBM has not stooped to the level of his accusers. Instead, he has kept his cool and left it to his lawyer-spokesperson to repeat the refrain that the charges are nothing more than a “nuisance” to distract the candidate.

“No distraction,” quipped the insider, who is not a lawyer. Instead of being distracted, “the crowds are getting bigger” while BBM appears to be gathering strength with the fair Sara Duterte beside him.

The BBM-Sara team might as well set a new tone for the conduct of the elections, as thousands upon thousands watch every candidate’s body language and listen to the vocabulary of their politics. Days after she announced she was joining the UniTeam, Sara declared that her decision did not hurt anyone, did not dislocate or disenfranchise anyone. Soon afterward, a hoarse-voiced BBM emphasized it was not his intention to answer their enemies and divide the nation, the goal being to bring the people together and make up for lost time.

So much time has been lost to the coronavirus pandemic, should we lose more time being entertained by mudslinging and bickering? The virtuous and the righteous will continue throwing stones, let them keep their feet stuck in the mud.