Wanna One will not attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards after staff gets COVID-19

Published December 11, 2021, 1:18 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Defunct K-pop boy band Wanna One will not personally attend the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) slated on Dec. 11 after one staff member of Kang Daniel tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Wanna One disbanded in 2018 and a reunion of the members was planned with them appearing and performing at MAMA.

Wanna One (Twitter)

On the morning of Dec. 10, Wanna One members went to the CJ ENM Studio Center in Paju to film their performances for MAMA.

According to Korean entertainment news site Dispatch, Kang Daniel’s staff entered the recording studio without the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result as required by CJ ENM.

The staff member made contact with Wanna One members. Kang Daniel shared the waiting room with Hwang Minhyun, Park Woojin and Bae Jinyoung. About 500 fans who waited to watch the recording were sent home because of the situation.

Wanna One resumed the recording of their performances for MAMA on the morning of Dec. 11.

In a statement, CJ ENM said, “One of Wanna One’s staff members who participated in the rehearsal for the pre-recording of the 2021 MAMA on the morning of Dec. 10 was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. As a result, rehearsals were suspended for the safety of all artists and staff, and all audiences waiting to enter were sent home.”

“The place where the confirmed patient stayed has been disinfected. In addition, both the staff and artists who participated in the rehearsal preemptively conducted the COVID-19 test, and all the testers received negative confirmation,” it said.

It added, “As a result of tracking and checking the relevant person’s interviews and movements, we found no evidence to cancel the performance. However, in order to make every effort to ensure safety during the live broadcast on Dec. 11, we decided not to attend the live broadcast on Dec. 11 after pre-recording all Wanna One stages.”

All members except Lai Kuan-lin participated in the Wanna One reunion.