Eleazar vows to push for the increase of salary, other benefits of teachers, healthcare workers

Published December 9, 2021, 10:12 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

Senatorial aspirant Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar vowed on Thursday, Dec. 7, to push for the increase of the salary and other benefits of teachers and healthcare workers amid another proposal to add more funds for the combat pay and other benefits for soldiers and policemen.

Eleazar argued that like policemen, soldiers and other members of the uniformed services, teachers and healthcare workers that include nurses and doctors deserve utmost care and attention from the government due to their hard work and sacrifices.

“We should extend the same benefits to teachers and healthcare workers not only in recognition of their hard work, sacrifices and contribution to the country but also to give dignity to their profession,” said Eleazar.

He said her personally saw the sacrifices of healthcare workers when he was still the commander of the national police’s Administrative Support for COVID-19 Task Force (ASCOTF) which is in charge of the healthcare of police frontliners, He said healthcare workers would go on duty beyond the working hours.

Eleazar said healthcare workers are also doing a great job in taking care of the health concerns of the people amid the risk of infection that resulted earlier in the death of some nursers and doctors.

On the part of the teachers, Eleazar said he heard a lot of stories and also saw some teachers who would do not only have sleepless nights in preparing lessons plans especially this time of pandemic but also those who would cross the seas and climb mountains to reach far-flung areas for the education of poor children.

The entry level salary of those in the uniformed services were doubled while the rest of their personnel received big salary increase a few years ago.

Various groups of teachers also asked the government to extend the same, as well as those in the medical profession, particularly the nurses who would choose to work abroad than stay in the country due to low salary and other benefits.

Since the pandemic began, healthcare workers have also been criticizing the delayed and meager allowances and benefits for their COVID duty.