Why you should watch Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin’s new show ‘Saying Goodbye’

Published December 7, 2021, 3:50 PM

by John Legaspi

Their funny meet-cute is enough to hook you in!

‘Tis the season for streaming! And if you’re looking for new shows to add to your binge-watch list this December, you better include “Saying Goodbye,” a Filipino romantic-drama series headlined by young actors Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin.

A product of Dreamscape Entertainment, “Saying Goodbye” centers its plot on Elise (Andrea) and Ricky (Seth) who met at a music store, fighting over who gets the last CD album of Filipino singer Yeng Constantino. Their constant bumping into each other eventually paved the way for them to become friends, even giving each other hilarious nicknames “bansot” and “bugok.”

Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes (Still from Youtube)

Not convinced yet? Scroll down below and see why this series deserves a spot on your streaming hours.

The Music

Elise and Ricky’s journey in “Saying Goodbye” starts in the late aughts, 2007 to be exact. If you’re in your 20s or 30s now, you would remember this time for its great music. Songs by Beyonce, Rihanna, Elliot Yamin, Justin Timberlake, and bops by Akon, Sean Kingston, and Ne-yo dominated playlists. Locally, it was also the height of band songs by Callalily, 6 Cycle Mind, Spongecola, to name a few. Female artists were making the airwaves like pop singers Sarah Geronimo, Kyla, and of course, Elise and Ricky’s idol Yeng Constantino. But don’t get us wrong, no matter what age you are now, you’ll definitely feel related to the characters. Admit it, we’ve all been a fangirl or fanboy once.

The Setting

Think of it as a virtual tour to one of the Philippines’ famous provinces, Pampanga. The series gives everyone a visual break from the busy Manila with the dreamy landscape and scenery of Pampanga. Who wouldn’t want to wake up seeing that breathtaking view of Ricky’s favorite spot or dine in and munch on a slice of Strawberry Shortcake in that cute pick cafe?

The Struggle

Bouncing from moments in 2007 to 2014, “Saying Goodbye” presents a bunch of challenges and sad stories that are all too familiar. From losing a family member and pursuing other dreams to outgrowing passions, taking relationships to a mature level, and shedding childhood comforts, this series has the right components that make a good coming-of-age story. Like the classics “The Fault in Our Stars” and “A Walk To Remember,” this show promises some heart-wrenching twists, too.

The Chemistry

Working as a love team for the fourth time in the series, Andrea and Seth have already formed a rapport that comes off very natural. There’s an ease to their performance that one can’t help but smile a little in some scenes. With a story about celebrating life despite all the challenges life throws at us, Andrea and Seth’s charming pairing is among the many elements that will make ‘saying goodbye’ to the series after the first episode impossible.

“Saying Goodbye” is free and exclusively available on the iQiyi app and www.iQ.com.

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