Finestra at Solaire: your Sunday window to ‘delizioso’

Published December 6, 2021, 10:29 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Finestra is Italian for aperture or window. So when I brought my sons one Sunday to their Sunday Brunch, it became a culinary journey, a “window” to the sunny side of Italian dining. There was an emphasis on Southern Italian cuisine, and how seafood figures so prominently in the dishes from the region. The Sunday Brunch at Finestra officially returned Dec. 5, 2021, so I’d advise anyone reading this and deciding to head there with the family, or with friends, to call and reserve. Like the Yakumi Sunday Brunch, these Sunday offerings have become extremely popular, with parties booking weeks in advance.

At Yakumi, there’s an element of it being buffet-style, which decidedly, isn’t the case at Finestra. There you’re offered an extensive menu of dishes that fall under its Italian Sunday Brunch, and you order as many portions of these dishes as your heart and appetite desire—and they’re brought to your table.

The ‘Hot’ Seafood Tower

The very first thing that will catch your eye is the Seafood Tower, and you have the choice of “On Ice” or “Hot.” Either way, you’re in good company, as these towers consist of oysters (Shucked or Rockefeller), clams, lobsters, welks, prawns, mussels, and Blue Swimmer crabs. One can add 10g of Oscietra caviar. The photo is the “Hot” tower that we ordered.

Potato Hash Salmon and Octopus Carpaccio

There are salads and pizzas to choose from and a section devoted to Brunch Specials, which you can call appetizers, and egg-based dishes. The Octopus Carpaccio was excellent, served with olives, tomato, basil, and dill; and Matteo, my middle son, will swear that the Potato Hash Salmon was out of this world.

Green Duck Ravioli and Risotto Asparagus

In the pasta section, the Green Duck Ravioli did the trick, with vegetable brunoise, and rosemary jus. The Gnocchi Four Cheese would be a popular choice, but I’d say more because it’s safe and you know what to expect. The Risotto Asparagus can also be found in this section, and if you need rice to eat with your entrees, this would be the super selection to order. Made with Carnaroli rice, asparagus, and wild mushroom, lather the dish with grated Parmigiano and olive oil, and you’ll thank me.

USDA Rib-eye and Sea Bass Fillet

We had already consumed lobster in the Tower, so we went carnivore for our mains, and the Josper-cooked USDA Rib-eye, served with Roasted Potatoes, Baked Carrots, Slow-cooked Red Onion and Baked Garlic, hit the spot. Ask for a medium-rare serving so you won’t get overcooked slices. The Pacific Sea Bass Fillet, with grilled vegetables and Rocket, is a great option as well, if avoiding meat altogether.


For the sweets and desserts, ask for a sampler and share it all around the table, family-style. There’s Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Zucotto Cake, a Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, and served like the indulgent “popsicles,” the Mango-Passionfruit Semifreddo. There’s an Affogato station that one should indulge in.

There’s a light jazz trio providing sweet Sunday vibes throughout the lunch hour; and you’ll love it when the curtains are drawn further, and the beautiful, expansive view of Manila Bay is revealed. On a sunny day, it really adds to the atmosphere, and we’re transported to a time when COVID was unheard of. It may only be temporary, but these are precious moments to enjoy while dining at Finestra—a window to a better tomorrow, that hopefully, is just around the corner.