An app to help farmers foster sustainability and optimize crop production

Published December 6, 2021, 7:30 PM

by Len Amadora

BASF Digital Farming GmbH, part of BASF Agricultural Solutions Division, has officially launched its xarvio® SCOUTING smartphone application (app) to support farmers in the Philippines.

xarvio SCOUTING smartphone application (app)

The app, which is free to download and use, is available in English, Tagalog, and Cebuano, has been specifically configured to identify local weeds, pests and diseases impacting regional crops such as rice, corn, potato, and tomatoes. xarvio® SCOUTING will enable growers and crop technicians in the Philippines to instantly detect in-field pest and disease threats via photo recognition, and recommend BASF solutions to address identified problems, thus helping to optimize crop production and support sustainability.

xarvio® SCOUTING uses an advanced plant modelling platform powered by live algorithms, which can precisely identify unknown weeds, diseases, insects, and calculate leaf damage by simply taking a picture with a smartphone. The app subsequently provides impartial product recommendations to help manage the identified problem. A unique community-based radar function also allows farmers to see threats in surrounding fields and notifies them once a threat is close to their area, so they can act.

Saving time spent on scouting expeditions and increasing growers’ and crop technicians’ access to detailed and beneficial information, xarvio® SCOUTING is widely recognized as the most comprehensive, automated, agronomical problem identifier available globally. It is currently used by more than five million people across 120 countries, with these numbers growing daily.

“Many farmers in the Philippines are looking for new ways to improve crop health and yield, while at the same time lowering inputs and supporting sustainability. xarvio® SCOUTING provides farmers with a free, convenient, and proven way to achieve these goals. We are confident xarvio® SCOUTING will be well received and used, which will further enhance its accuracy and deliver positive results,” says Manolo Sambrano, Head of BASF Agricultural Solutions in the Philippines.

xarvio® SCOUTING is part of a suite of precision digital products provided by xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions. The xarvio® SCOUTING app is free to download and use from the Google Play or Apple app store. Further information is available at