Top luxury tech money can buy

Published December 5, 2021, 12:01 AM

by Jules Vivas

We now live in the digital era. Technology has revolutionized all aspects of society that it is near impossible to imagine life without it. Disrupting even the luxury market, technology offers the wealthy consumer a gamut of services and products based on tons of advancements from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augmented Reality (AR).

Now and then, a modern luxury lifestyle calls for serious tech gadgets. Manufactured aesthetically to upscale our lives on top of making them easier and more convenient, discover the most sought-after, high-end luxury devices that drive innovation as never before.

Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès

The Apple Watch is known for crushing its competition, always emerging as the top smartwatch every year. Its latest iteration, the Series 7, is still considered by tech reviewers and experts as the best smartwatch of 2021.

The latest collection from the iconic collaboration, Apple Watch Hermès “brings innovation and style to the forefront of your wrist.” The new S7 chip coupled with the watchOS 8 software makes this watch the quickest, slickest smartwatch available today. It is equipped with the same comprehensive health-monitoring features as the Series 6, including one of the most accurate wrist-worn heart rate sensors available, blood oxygen level monitoring, and fitness tracking across a large range of workout types.

In terms of charging time, it reaches 50 percent in half an hour and full battery in 70 minutes. The battery life lasts about 36 hours between charges with sleep tracking overnight and the screen on throughout the day. Available in 41mm and 45 mm case sizes, the Series 7 is 1mm taller than its predecessor, with a noticeably thinner bezel, meaning the screen is 20 percent bigger.

What’s more, it boasts of being a sustainable product, using 100 percent recycled aluminum, 99 percent recycled tungsten, rare earth elements, and recycled tin in the solder of its main chips.

The wrist straps tailored by the French luxury goods manufacturer come in the classic chain Hermès bracelet Circuit H Single Tour leather band, Gourmette Double Tour band that pays homage to the iconic Hermès dog collars from the 1930s, and Sport Band in signature Hermès orange. The partnership elevates the Apple Watch into a luxury commodity.


Cite-E backpack

Google, the search engine giant and tech trailblazer company, partnered with French haute couture house Yves Saint Laurent to create a smart bag that marries functionality with high fashion. The Cite-E backpack is part of Google’s Jacquard project, which weaves new digital experiences into everyday items. It is every designer bag and more, with Saint Laurent’s signature embossed exterior zip pocket featuring an interior key clip, cellphone pocket, zip compartment, and padded slot pocket. It has touch sensors on the strap that allow users to access their smartphones, compatible for both Android and Apple. The knapsack pairs with your phone, and can control messaging, music, directions, and alerts. The elegant design from YSL in Ostrich skin paired with Google’s tech prowess is but a taste of the future of fashion tech.


Üllo Chill Wine Purifier

Enhance your vino experience by enjoying your drink in its natural state at the perfect temperature with this purifier, aerator, and chiller all in one. Üllo Chill Wine Purifier removes artificial sulfites, aerates, and brings wine into the ideal 60º F cellar temperature. Engineered from heavy-duty aluminum and wrapped in soft-touch, BPA-free silicone, this simple and ingenious contraption is designed to be stored in a freezer between uses. A worthy investment for wine lovers.



Currently one of the best flatscreen television products out there, the Bravia XR is the world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence.

This television set specializes in creating a “closer-to-reality” feeling, as its Cognitive Processor XR technology divides the screen into hundreds of zones and recognizes individual objects in these zones. It can cross-analyze a few hundred thousand different elements that make up a picture in a second, the same way our brains work.

“It understands the way our eyes see and our ears hear, to present a more human perspective on-screen for an experience that’s closer to the real world and puts you deeper into every scene,” explains Sony.

BRAVIA XR MASTER Series Z9J is a 7,680 by 4,320-pixel, High Dynamic Range (HDR), full array LED, smart TV. It is the only 85-inch (215 cm) television with supreme 8k realism, driven by human intelligence.


RELX Infinity

Vape is the modern-day cigarette. While it is not entirely safe, vaping is less harmful than smoking. Vapes eliminate the combustion process of tobacco and instead heats nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals to create an aerosol you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain approximately 7,000 chemicals, of which most are toxic.

Vaping is almost the same as smoking, minus a few dangerous chemicals as well as the repulsive odor of cigarettes that latch on to your hands, clothes, and furniture. These are some of the main reasons people are turning to vape.

RELX is a top Asian pod system vape brand, which specializes in compact and lightweight pen-style devices designed for both beginner and veteran vapers. Its closed pod system with proprietary pre-filled RELX nicotine salt-based flavor juice is perfectly formulated to provide a smooth and satisfying throat hit.

RELX’s latest product release in the Philippines is the Infinity. Its atomizer is incredibly fast and sensitive that it takes about 0.2 seconds to activate. It is one of the quietest pod systems too, with an inhalation sound lower than 10 dB. The e-liquid heating temperature is controlled to 220C, while the vapor temperature is limited to 55C, creating a comfortable and smooth hit. Each puff of the rich and dense vapor weighs six to seven mg.



From Noerden, an award-winning French digital fitness tech company known for its minimalist and easy-to-use health and wellness devices, comes this self-sanitizing smart bottle called LIZ. This insulated 316 stainless steel smart bottle has built-in UV sterilization, and hydration reminder that prompts you to take sips of water every few hours. It also has a temperature range indicator, so you know how hot or cold the beverage inside is. LIZ comes to life with its touch-responsive smart lid. Tap it twice to sterilize your bottle or water. The built-in UV-C light kills viruses as well as bacteria and eliminates bad smell. It comes in 480 ml sizes and white and black versions.


Hermès AirTag

Losing things frequently? Bluetooth trackers are helpful in finding your stuff. Misplacing something like your wallet does not have to be a big deal any more when you attach an AirTag to it. Through your iPhone, Precision Finding leads you to the AirTag, sort of like a GPS, showing the distance and direction where the tracker is. The trackable circles have a built-in speaker so you could ping it or have it produce a sound so you can hear its exact location.

Carolyn Wolfman-Estrada, Apple iPhone System’s engineering program manager, describes the Hermès AirTag collaboration as “a special handcrafted collection.” Apart from the Barenia calfskin enclosure, there is also a Hermès engraving on the AirTag itself. This tiny tag is light weight, as well as water and dust resistant.