Pacquiao ties-up with top E-sports group: 'Pinoys can become E-sports pound-for-pound champs'

Published December 4, 2021, 6:08 PM

by Ben Rosario

With e-sports getting a strong endorsement into becoming a regular Olympics event, PROMDI presidential aspirant Sen. Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, Dec. 4 pushed for the propagation of the computer-based games as he aired hopes that Filipinos could become “pound-for-pound’ champions in international electronic game scene in the world.

Sen. Manny Pacquiao is joined by his son, Michael, during the launch of TPGG Esports team

Pacquiao led the formal launching of the Team Pacquiao GG (TPGG) with the country’s top five gaming experts who have made a name in their respective field and in humanitarian programs.

Pacquiao said Esports is a rapidly growing sporting industry that is generating employment and business opportunities around the world and the Philippines must harness its own talents to become a major force in international electronic gaming.

“Today, we are launching Team Pacquiao to sow the seed of Filipino excellence in international esports competitions. Our purpose is to become the pound for pound esports heavyweights of Southeast Asia through community engagements, professional teams, content creation, and charitable giving,” Pacquiao said.

TPGG is a partnership of Pacquiao and international esports firm Veloce as part of the latter’s expansion in Southeast Asia.

The country’s pride in the boxing arena said he chose five of the country’s top gamers to make up his team not only because of their extreme expertise in various aspects of ESports but also because of what they have accomplished in terms of helping the needy among Filipinos.

Name to his team were “GLOCO” who is one of the pioneer YouTubers and a creative content creator in the country; “Kimbee” a TV model and a chef; “Een,” w a model and a successful young entrepreneur in the field of crypto-trading; “Shin Boo” who a world-renowned esports international commentator and Wrecker, who is known not only as a badass e-gamer.

Like Pacquiao, Wrecker is a philanthropist having raised P15 Million which he donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

“Team Pacquiao has partnered with Veloce Group (Veloci) to build Team Pacquiao together to something special not only for the Philippines but also for the world,” the lawmaker said.

Pacquiao also plays Esports and is reportedly a good Mobile Legend player.

His son, Michael, also an Esports fan, said his father inspires him in both boxing and in the internet games.

The senator e had already participated in several esports events and is even an endorser of the ultra-popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He even has his own legendary skin and has been immortalized in the esports scene through one of the ML fighters named Paquito.

“Pwede mong buhayin ang pamilya mo dito. Iba na talaga ngayon ang technology,” he said.

Pacquiao said he understands parents and elders for frowning upon Esports but pointed out that there is also a need for gamers to instill self discipline among them.

He said the skills and talent that the youth can develop may also be an advantage to studies.

Pacquiao said that Esports has become a billion-dollar global industry not only for the e-game creators but also for content creators and esports athletes and even team owners. International e-game competitions offer multi-million prizes while leading esports athletes become endorsers for many high-paying marketing campaigns.

“Most Filipinos identify video gaming as a hobby and possible addiction for younger people that must be supervised. But not anymore. Esports is not just an online phenomenon but a legitimate, growing sporting industry around the world with a lot of job and business opportunities,” Pacquaio said.

“Esports is the future and I’m really happy to be part of this quest to create world-class content creators, Filipino gamers and develop them into professional athletes,” Pacquiao said.