Marcos: Pinoy entrepreneurs to help in PH post-pandemic economic recovery

Published December 4, 2021, 5:43 PM

by Melvin Sarangay

Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. said that the entrepreneurial skills of Filipinos will help in the post-pandemic economic recovery of the Philippines.

Marcos, speaking at the recent Kandidatalks program of the Go Nego Show, said the COVID-19 pandemic opened a window of opportunity for small entrepreneurs and independent suppliers to do business as it brought about a change in the consumer habits of people.

The former lawmaker added that consumers have become less choosy about their purchases, with only manufacturers of essential goods allowed to operate during the lockdowns.

“People have changed their consumer habits. Now they are more prone to buy from independent suppliers than they were before, which gives us a lot of hope because the small businesses have an opening there, that’s a window of opportunity right there,” the former senator said.

“We no longer choose ‘yung malalaking pangalan lang, kung bibili tayo ng electronics kailangan Sony, pag pagkain, ‘yung mga sikat na lugar, mga sikat na fast-food chains. ‘Yung mga bagay-bagay na binibili natin ngayon, kung saan-saan na natin binibili, hindi na lang sa grocery, hindi na lamang sa supermarket, kung di kung anong makita natin sa Internet (We no longer choose the big name brands when we buy electronics like Sony, for food, well-known places and fast-food chains. Everything that we buy these days, we buy everywhere not only for our grocery, supermarket, and we also buy what we see in the Internet).” However, the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) standard-bearer added that the fledgling industry needs a lot of support to reach its full potential.

“There is a great deal of potential there. But it needs a lot of support. Most people are willing to try to be entrepreneurs. I find most Filipinos enterprising and they are ready to try something. Kung hindi umubra (If it doesn’t work), next, try something else,” the former Ilocos Norte congressman said.

Currently there are also five million to six million entrepreneurs in the informal sector.

The former legislator cited that Filipinos, most of whom are gifted entrepreneurs, turned the challenge of the pandemic into an opportunity of opening their own business.

“Maraming nawalan ng trabaho, may mga work-from-home, karamihan hindi makalabas dahil sa lockdown kaya ‘yung iba naghanap ng paraan para makapaghanapbuhay. May mga nagluluto ng kung anu-ano, gumagawa ng iba’t ibang craft tapos ibebenta, lahat over the Internet, (Many lost their jobs, some worked from home, most of them could not go out because of the lockdown which pushed them to search for a way to earn a living. Some turned to cooking different things and are making various crafts to sell over the Internet)” the former solon said.