The Heist is up

Published December 3, 2021, 4:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

If you still don’t associate the name “Professor” with an elaborate heist scheme or “Tokyo” with a fiery, unpredictable badass, then you’re missing out on one adrenaline-packed show.

Money Heist, a Netflix-produced Spanish series, has piqued the interest of viewers worldwide. How can you not get the world’s attention with a show about heisters in Salvador Dali masks and red jumpsuits referring to themselves by city names?


Before we binge on the drama, thrill, and action yet again for Season 5.2 on Dec. 3, let’s look back on how it all started and remember the iconic scenes that will never fade from our memory. El Profesor and his crew “take over” some buildings in Manila to let you re-experience the past episodes from the show.

It all started with the Professor’s very meticulous plan. Let’s all re-witness the scene where he passionately discusses his scheme for the Mint of Spain at Eastwood Palazzo.

Like any other heist, one way to feel you’ve won the game is when you are actually holding or even lying on a pile of cash. Remember how giddy Denver was in living his fantasy? Chance upon this scene at PET Plans Tower, EDSA Makati.

Nairobi’s mad skills allowed them to pull their schemes off. After running the presses in the mint heist, she leads a team of welders and smelters as they deal with gold bars. Find her wielding her flame torch at Uptown Mall BGC Fire Fountain (best to drop by at 7:00pm to see the flame dance).

While the Professor is the brain, Tokyo will always be the heart of the heist. It was painful to see her go (Oh Rio). But her heroism saved the crew (so far). All for our love of Tokyo, let’s commemorate her selflessness and rewitness that dramatic finale at the atrium of the Venice Grand Canal Mall. 

Watch out for another heist at the mall’s “Grand Canal” as we do know that someone will be diving there to get through a “flooded gold vault” (yes, underwater!) very soon. Another heist is also brewing in the same city at the Uptown Parksuites area.

The heist is “here”. Try and catch the crew but make sure to follow safe distancing protocols when heading to these sites to take photos. Be like the Professor and plan all your moves.

Or you can be like Shakir the hacker and experience the heist virtually. Try the Money Heist filter on Instagram and watch various scenes from the show come alive right in front of you via augmented reality. Don’t forget to use the official hashtags #VivaLaResistancia and #MoneyHeist when posting on your social media account!

If you still can’t relate, then you better start binging past seasons now. Seasons 1 to 5.1 are all streaming only on Netflix. Watch them all so you’re ready to catch the end starting Dec. 3.

Watch the trailer:

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