Wil Dasovich shares 'how it ended'

Published December 2, 2021, 1:48 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

it’s all about viral content.

Vlogger Will Dasovich has uploaded a vlog titled “how it ended.”

It’s a big hit.

Mostly with fans eager to know the tea about him and Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Though it’s the second part of his recent trip to the Himalayas, many netizens believe it’s the continuation of his “breakup letter” for his former girlfriend.


Among the comments are:

“this is the most beautiful breakup letter ever made using metaphors, you tully are one of a kind and a true genius lods, keep strong and move forward”

“The metaphors enclosed over word plays within a great story telling. Hats off brother. The OGs knew the real message within.”

“The message was clear. I love how you poured your heart out and told your story metaphorically.”

“Awww maaan! I kenat with the metaphors dude! Fantastic Story telling right till the end. Really feels like this “contest” was disguised as something you really needed on a personal and spiritual level. Wishing you all the best Wil on your next Everest trip. May you reach newer heights after taking your much needed reflection.”

“Beautiful story telling and metaphors. Wil you and she will always be an inspiration.”

“I Love and admire how you share your adventure in the Himalayas that resonates your personal love life! Life is a journey!”

“This is so mind blowing. Your story has double meaning and I felt that.”

“We all know this isn’t just about “Nepal” or “Mt. Everest”. We all understand who this is really addressed too and maybe you just don’t want to to directly talk about that person. We all grieve our own ways and I am here to grieve with you.

“You were the power couple of the digital age but like you said, there are things that we can’t control or expect. We all knew you both lived lives at different ends of the spectrum. A travel/lifestyle vlogger who loves the outdoor and meeting new people paired with a Gamer/cosplayer who loves nothing more than do 24hr gaming streams at home.

“The disparity was there but we all cheered and rooted for you. The Dream house video made us speculate that we were heading into engagement stage but it went off the opposite direction. It hurts but that is what happened.

“I’m still hopeful though. You’re still open to the possibility of a second chance and that’s enough for me. Maybe after you’ve both finished your self-growth, you’d come to realize that you both are still meant for each other even years after.”

Note that at the latter part of the clip, Will said:

“You know, everyone can say what they want about all that’s transpired. They can criticize my actions, efforts, lifestyle leading up to this, and who I am as an overall individual if they want to take it that far. They can even make up outlandish stories and bring in other people into this adventure that had nothing to do with it. All just for their own silly entertainment. Ultimately, it’s all irrelevant to me because I know myself and I don’t need any form of exterior validation especially those from strangers. The important thing is I believe deep in my heart that I gave it my all down towards the end and even the Himalayas up until the end provided our last days together with as much sun as possible.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow but there are just some things out of your control. Even though it was sunny, there were other aspects of the weather, the timing, the amount of wind that passed by on that given day. If the wind is too strong then the helicopter can’t land and you aren’t allowed to hike any further. There were a lot of differences going into this. The likelihood of making it to the end were slim and the odds were always stacked against us having that final photo finish at the summit, at least it was on this given day. And what about the pain you might experience why even try in the first place.

“Going into something like this I’d conclude that you shouldn’t anticipate the pain even if you don’t end up reaching the destination. It’s better to have walked the journey and lived it rather than never experiencing it at all because then you might be left wondering forever – what if? The journey is something you grow from, something you learn from, and come out a stronger individual. Nothing was in vain. Although it comes with moments of anguish, I could confidently say that this was the most beautiful trip of my life. I came into this with an open heart and the drive to succeed. I just didn’t really understand what the journey entailed when I signed up and I guess you can say I wasn’t fully prepared. I fell in love with everything about the Everest experience. From the very beginning and although I may not have made it to the end maybe I’ll try again in the future with a different approach, in a different time, following a period of personal growth. For now, it just wasn’t meant to be and. It’s time to let the wounds heal and the easiest way to do that is privately, without consistently being bombarded with unsolicited advice.

“But damn, Sagarmatha, you are the most beautiful mountain in the world and it’s hard to imagine coming across anything like you ever again. You really are something special and up until now the fire’s still burning even if there may no longer be a purpose for that burning fire, it still burns, nonetheless.

“Whether I attempt to go for the full summit and make it to the end or just return for a lighter trek – a friendly trek – I’m sure that I’ll be back along with this road at some point in the future – be it near or far. No matter what I’ll always hold on to these memories and they’ll be cherished until the very end.

“I’m sad that it’s over but I’m happier knowing that at least it happened. Thank you for everything.”