Ride to BGC, park in The Bikeyard

Published December 2, 2021, 5:40 PM

by Inigo Roces

Allianz PNB unveils new bikeyard at the heart of BGC

Hellish traffic, the need for greater mobility, and greater health consciousness have combined to drive the growing popularity of biking in the Philippines. The number of bikers grew at the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns when bicycles were one of the few allowed modes of transportation, but Filipinos have kept pedaling on even with the restrictions lifted, having discovered the innate joys of biking. Whether it’s to go to the office, to do chores, or to discover Metro Manila’s hidden wonders, biking is definitely here to stay.

With the growing two-wheel movement, calls have been made for improved biking infrastructure and education in Metro Manila to make cycling safer. Stepping up to meet the demand, Allianz PNB Life has unveiled a new place for bikers in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.

Located along 28th Avenue, Lane O, The Bikeyard is an environmentally-friendly place for people to meet up for rides, discuss hot routes, plan two-wheeled adventures or simply take a breather from pedaling. Standing out amidst the buildings that dot BGC, it is a landmark in itself. The park’s well-thought-out design features bike amenities such as elevated bike racks and tables that can double as bike parking. They’re built from recycled and biodegradable material, reflecting Allianz PNB’s sustainability commitment.

Built not just for bikers but for the entire BGC community, The Bikeyard is part of the company’s award-winning Ride Safe campaign, which aims to support Filipino’s growing interest in healthy and carbon-free transport by offering simple, fair, and sustainable solutions. By making biking fun and convenient, it helps encourage more Filipinos to embrace biking as their preferred mode of transportation, thereby helping lower their carbon footprint.

Through its Ride Safe campaign, the company has already donated artistic and functional bike racks to four major parks in the City of Manila, and the country’s first solar-powered bike pitstop in San Juan.

Earlier this year, Allianz PNB was recognized as the #1 insurance brand in the world for the third straight year by the global Interbrand rankings. More recently, Allianz PNB was also named as the most sustainable insurer in the world by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a testament to the company’s adherence to Environmental, Social Inclusion, and Governance standards. This speaks to the company’s commitment to sustainability, which includes plans for youth empowerment, financial inclusion, and sustainable product development.

“Biking is such an underrated activity and I am glad to see more and more Filipinos taking interest. During the pandemic, I saw cities build bike lanes to protect bikers. This inspired us to think of how to support this,” said Allianz PNB president and CEO, Alexander Grenz. The various projects in Metro Manila, he said, reflects Allianz PNB’s efforts to help provide environmental solutions, adding that “sustainability is in our DNA.”

From left: Alexander Grenz, CEO Allianz PNB; Gino Riola, Chief Marketing Officer Allianz PNB; Wick Veloso, President & CEO PNB; J Teodoro, COO of FBDC; and Jorge Bocobo, Barangay Captain of Fort Bonifacio.

Next time you’re thinking of going around BGC, consider taking a ride on your trusty bike and drop by The Bikeyard. Not only will you lessen your carbon footprint, but you’re also doing something that’s great for your health.