Prelate says e-sabong way much worse than traditional cockfighting

Published December 1, 2021, 10:38 AM

by Leslie Ann Aquino

Kalookan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David said electronic cockfight betting or “e-sabong” is way much worse than traditional cockfighting.

Kalookan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David (COURTESY OF RYAN REZO/DIOCESE OF KALOOKAN)

He said this is because it can be accessed by anyone as it is available online.

“Meaning, it can be accessed by anyone—yes, even by kids who have gotten quite used to online activities due to the pandemic,” David said in a CBCP News post.

The new head of the bishops’ conference said allowing e-sabong “has been one of the most disastrous things ever allowed by the government.”

The issue, David said, is a “big deal” because the government trumpets its care about the future of young people and wants to save them from addiction.

“Anyone who associates addiction only with drugs has not really understood the nature of addiction as a mental health issue,” he said.

The bills legalizing e-sabong and other forms of gambling were recently approved in the House of Representatives.

The applications to grant legislative franchise for e-sabong firms remain pending at the Senate committee on public services.