95th anniversary of Canonical Coronation of the Virgin of Antipolo marked

Published December 1, 2021, 11:39 AM

by Christina Hermoso

The Diocese of Antipolo commemorated the 95th canonical coronation of its patroness, the Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage).

Virgin of Antipolo (Facebook)

Also known as the Virgin of Antipolo, Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula led the Holy Mass to mark the occasion.

In his homily, Advincula stressed that the true crown of the Blessed Mother is Jesus Christ.

“Let us remember that the true crown of Mary is not the one that she is wearing, which is made of gold and precious stones. The true crown of the Blessed Mother is Christ whom she carried in her womb for nine months and who remained in her heart in her lifetime. Mary is offering this crown to us,” Advincula said.

The Church leader said that despite nearly a hundred years since the Virgin of Antipolo was canonically crowned, the faithful’s devotion to the Blessed Mother has even grown.

“The observance of the anniversary of the image’s canonical coronation coincides with the Season of Advent. Let us take this opportunity to make our preparations for Christmas more meaningful and significant,” Advincula said.

He said the faithful “must look forward and anticipate the celebration of the Birth of Christ that gives light, peace, and hope to all who believe particularly at this time of pandemic.”

The prelate urged the faithful to remember God both in good and bad times.

“When every aspect of our lives is going well, we tend to forget God but when it gets tough, we suddenly remember Him. We go back to him and ask for His help. We treat God as a genie that we call on to only when we need Him,” lamented Advincula.

Then Manila Archdiocese Archbishop Michael O’Doherty canonically crowned the revered image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage on Nov. 28, 1926 in ceremonies held in Luneta, Manila.

Meanwhile, the National Shrine Ministry of the diocese began its preparations for the celebration of the 400th year of the arrival of the image of the Virgin of Antipolo from Mexico. There will be a five-year preparation for the grand event in 2026 which will coincide with the 100th year anniversary of the canonical coronation of the image. The National Shrine Ministry launched the official logo for the celebration during the recent canonical coronation of the Birhen ng Antipolo.