Calein delivers 'Unsent Messages' EP

Published November 30, 2021, 6:43 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


Singer-songwriter and alternative indie/rock artist, Kleyo Aydalla, chiefly known as Calein, released Unsent Messages EP last Nov. 29.

The release of Calein’s Unsent Messages EP comes after the launch of his single Huli Na in September 2021 — the single carrying out an introduction to Calein’s new era — having Kleyo Aydalla as the new face of Calein after other members of the band decided to quit the ensemble.

The 4-track record consists of Parang May Kulang, Au, Mayroong Masasabi, and Kahit ‘Di Umiikot Ang Mundo. Published under O/C Records, each track in this EP is arranged and mastered by Aydalla himself in his home recording studio, making this record immensely personal and honest.

“PRIDE” — This is how Aydalla encapsulates the spirit embedded in Unsent Messages. He describes the EP as songs of emotions that were never expressed enough and/or not at all.

He adds, “I think the EP will be like a closure for these emotions. I didn’t think I’d felt relieved when I finished working on the EP. A relief I didn’t know I needed. And I think it’s very important for everyone to have closure on something cumbersome like suppressed feelings and/or emotions, and finally, move on.”

Parang May Kulang — draws from Aydalla’s personal experience, which describes a feeling entrenched in a somber situation of waiting for a significant other to confess infidelity; Au — talks about courage in reaching for the stars. A song that will ignite one’s fire to push through the hurdles in achieving their dreams; Mayroong Masasabi — inspired by Aydalla’s “rebellious” phase, captures his unexpressed emotions towards his parents; And lastly, Kahit ‘Di Umiikot Ang Mundo — an appreciation song to his late grandfather.

Each track in this record represents the verities of Calein as an artist — bravely touching on powerful stories that speak closely to the heart and soul.

When asked about the impetus for this EP, Aydalla shares, “I just want to connect to those who feel the same way as I did and let them know that there are songs that express what we feel.”

He adds, “Express them feelings before it’s too late. It gets heavier as time passes.”

Unsent Messages EP is now out on all leading digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Denis Simone)